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Government Of Assam Public Works (Roads)


  • The Government of India has received a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to finance the cost of implementing the North Eastern States Road Investment Project (NESRIP). NESRIP is a 100% centrally sponsored scheme. ADB will finance up to 70% of the project costs. While the central government will finance the costs of capital investment, the state governments will bear the expenses towards land acquisition, resettlement and rehabilitation, environmental and mitigation measures and road maintenance for 5 years after the end of the construction contracts (part of the construction contracts). The total estimated cost of NESRIP is US$ 428.7 million of which ADB proposes to finance up to US$ 300 million. The loan proceeds will be passed on to MDONER, which will in turn pass on the same to the State Implementing Agencies.

    The main objectives of NESRIP are to:

    • Increase access within the NER states; aims to improve about 430 km of priority road sections in the six states (viz. Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Sikkim and Tripura) in the North Eastern Region (NER) of India
    • Increase access between the NER states and the rest of India and other countries;
    • Provide capacity building support to improve management and institutional strengthening;
    • Improve road management systems;
    • Improve road safety; and
    • Improve environmental and social impact assessments and management practices.

    Framework of Investment Program

    The Ministry for Development of North Eastern Region (MDONER), GoI is the Executing Agency (EA) and is responsible for the overall management and coordination of sub-projects and components under NESRIP. MDONER has established a Project Management Unit (PMU) headed by a senior MDONER official, who is the Project Director for the overall Investment Program. PMU is expected to have adequate staffing covering the areas of expertise including administrative, finance, technical and management &monitoring of project. The PMU is assisted by Project Management Consultants (PMC). The state PWDs (the Implementing Agencies (IAs) in the project states are responsible to manage individual sub-projects. Each state PWD has established a Project Implementation Unit (PIU). A PIU is headed by a senior state PWD official of the rank of Chief Engineer, who is the State Project Director, and is staffed with officials in the field of contract management, procurement, environmental management, resettlement and rehabilitation, accounting, etc. Works under individual subprojects will be executed by civil works contractors to be engaged by the PIUs. Further, each PIU will be assisted by a Construction Supervision Consultant (CSC) in supervision of the civil works.

    Projects Taken-up under NESRIP in the state of Assam:

    Improvement and Upgradation of road section of Kalitakuchi to Barpeta (AS-37) & Bilasipara (NH-31) to Fakiragram (AS-11) of Tranche-1 Roads in the state of Assam under NESRIP (Package No. AS-CW1).

    Sanctioned AmountINR 169.94 Crore
    Total Road Length{58.50KM(AS-37C)+ 16.20KM(AS-11) =} 74.70KM
    Name of Civil ContractorM/s BLA-SGCCL (JV), 4th  floor, Amaze Tower, A.T. Road, Paltan Bazar, Guwahati-1
    Tender AmountINR 120.92 Crore
    Date of  Commencement10-12-2012
    Completion Period36 month
    Stipulated Date of Completion09-12-2015 (as per original work programme)
    31-08-2019 (Proposed for extension)
    Physical Progress62.88% {31.00KM(AS-37C) + 16.20KM(AS-11) = 47.20KM}
    Financial Progress61.82%

    Improvement and Up-gradation of Road section of Tamulpur to Paneri (AS-02), Paneri to Udalguri (AS-03) and 5nos. of major bridges on AS-02 & AS-03 of Tranche-2 Roads in the state of Assam under NESRIP (Package No AS-CW2).

    Sanctioned AmountINR 319.29 Crore
    Total Road Length{43.00KM(AS-02)+ 18.60KM(AS-03)} = 61.60KM
    Numbers of Major Bridges5 (five) numbers
    Name of Civil ContractorM/s DRA-SGCCL -ANPL(JV), 4th  floor, Amaze Tower, A.T. Road, Paltan Bazar, Guwahati-1
    Tender AmountINR 289.16 Crore
    Date of  Work Order10-02-2015
    Date of  Commencement12-03-2015
    Completion Period48 month
    Stipulated Date of Completion11-03-2019
    Physical Progress25.14%
    Financial Progress17.83%

    Issues relating to NESRIP Projects:

    Loan 2770-IND [Tranche-I]Delay in Completion of projectProject delayed mainly due to Land Acquisition, R&R, Utility shifting & Tree cutting issues.
    LA issues of two districts (Nalbari & Barpeta) are going to be resolved soon. (LA proposal approved by Finance deptt. and in process for release of AA in progress)
    For Kamrup district, LA requirement is Rs. 24.3 Cr. And is proposed to be released in the next phase.
    It is proposed to complete 51Km of road out of 58Km within the sanctioned amount by March, 2019.
    Loan 3073-IND [Tranche-II]Slow ProgressSlow progress due to non-finalization of design issues of major bridges
    All design issues of the construction of major bridges resolved.
    Delay in Utility Shifting and Tree cutting.
    All payments made to line departments and work has started.
    Issues now resolved and project work is in progress.
    NESRIP Tranche-I Revised Sanction332.21 KBswf-image
    NESRIP Tranche-I Sanction2.65 MBswf-image
    NESRIP Tranche-II Revised Sanction542.69 KBswf-image
    NESRIP Tranche-II Sanction4.14 MBswf-image