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Government Of Assam Public Works (Roads)

Citizen Charter

  • Introduction:

    The Assam Public Works Roads Department was established in the year 1880 under British Rule. At the beginning it had the responsibility for public infrastructure development, construction, and maintenance of assets created, but, in the year 1956 the Embankment and Drainage (E&D) was bifurcated as an independent Department. Subsequently, the Assam PWD has been bifurcated into two viz. Public Works Roads Department and Public Works Building & NH Department vide Govt order No AR.9/2010/113 Dt. 05.05.2010 issued by the Principal Secretary to the Govt of Assam, Administrative Reforms & Training Department. The principal function of the Public Works Roads Department (PWRD) is to improve and maintain the road infrastructure.


    Better and safe road connectivity to all the places of State.


    • Construction of all weather road to give connectivity to all Habitations and the places of importance.
    • Improvement/ widening/ strengthening of State Highways& Major District Roads to provide better riding quality to road users, reduce travel time and vehicle operating cost ( VOC).
    • Improve the road maintenance system with proper road asset management system.
    • Improve Road Safety Management system.


    • To improve and upgrade the SH & MDRs.
    • To provide uninterrupted road connectivity to habitations and places of importance.
    • Construction of bridges ( conversion of timber bridge to RCC and construction of RCC Bridges on missing links).
    • To improve road maintenance system.
    • To implement road safety measures.
    • Research for improvement of quality.
    • Capacity Building.


    • Improvement of Rural Roads and State Highways & Major District Roads.
    • Construction of RCC Bridges.
    • Planning and prioritization of the road network and maintaining inventory of roads and bridges.
    • Installation of road furniture.

    Our Aim is to Achieve the Following Services Delivery/Quality Parameters:

    Sl. No.Name of ServicesConditionsTime Line/FlowFeesAuthority
    1.Contractors’ RegistrationSubject to application and the attached documents being in order
    Documents  required:
    For Class IA/B/C:
    1. PAN Card (up-to date I-tax clearance certificate).
    2. VAT (up-to-date sales tax clearance certificate).
    3. Labour License
    4. Copy of earlier Registration certificate.
    5. Passport /Police verification report in absence of passport.
    6. Work order demonstrating experience of work of specified value( Rs. 200 L, 100 L and 50 L for Class I, II and III respectively) in last 5 years.
    7. Bank solvency Certificate.
    8. Declaration with certificate of key personnel
    9. Caste Certificate, if applicable.
    10. Passport size photograph.
    11. Machineries (specified categories) : (either owned or lease/hired):
    For Class II:
    1. PAN Card.
    2.VAT Certificate.
    3. Labour License.
    4.Copy of earlier Registration certificate in Class – III.
    5. Police Verification Report/Passport.
    6. Work order demonstrating experience of work of value of Rs. 25.00 Lakhs in last 5 years. Bank solvency Certificate.
    7. Caste Certificate, if applicable.
    8. Passport size photograph.
    For Class III:
    1. PAN Card.
    2. VAT Certificate.
    3. Labour License.
    4. Passport size photograph.
    5. Police Verification Report/Passport.
    6. Bank solvency Certificate.
    7. Caste Certificate, if applicable.
    1. Application through on line system in the web site www.apwd.in

    2. Within 15 days from date of  verification  of certificates
    Earnest Money for registration:
    Rs. 15000 for Class I (A)
    Rs. 10000 for Class I (B)
    Rs. 5000 for Class –I (C)
    Rs. 2000 for Class –II
    Rs. 500 for Class –III
    For Class- I Chief Engineer, PWD (Roads)
    For Class II – respective Superintending Engineer
    For Class III – respective Executive Engineer
    2.Finalization of Tendering process (Preparation of  DNIT issue of Press Notice, receipt of tender, evaluation, and award of work)Subject to participation of responsive and technically qualifying bidders with  the requisite credentials1. E-tendering System.
    2. Issue of LOA ( Letter of Acceptance  within 7 daysafter receiving the approval of the Tender Committee/ World Bank as the case may be.  
    NilRespective officer inviting the tenders (CE/Addl CE/ SE/ EE as the case may be)
    3.Submission of proposal of Pension and Gratuity to A.G.1. Documents
    2. Form-1 ( revised)
    3. Form-2 ( revised)
    4. Form I-A
    5. Form – 19
    6. LPC ( Last Pay Certificate)
    7. NDC ( No Demand Certificate)
    8. Service Book
    9. Non involvement of DP, vigilance and other liabilities
    Within 20working  days  after receipt of all documents in complete and correct shape, pension papers will be submitted to A.G. for authorization of pension.NilSri BipulChBarman, Under Secretary (Audit) Contact No 9864023485
    4.Submission of proposal of  GPF to A.G.1. Form-1( for retired person)
    2. Form -2 ( Nominee)
    3. Last AG’s statement
    4. Certificate of non-drawal of GPF in last six months)
    Within 15working days after receipt of the required papers in complete and correct shapesubject to  authorization by the A.G.NilDo
    5.Sanction of GIS1. Form -3
    2. Statement of monthly deductions
    Within 10 working days after receipt of the required papers in complete and correct shapeNilDo
    6.Leave EncashmentApplication of the Govt employeeWithin 3 working days from  receipt of the application subject to receipt of LAR from A.G.NilSri BipulChBarman, Under Secretary (Establishment) Contact No 9864023485
    7.Approval of Earned leaveApplication of the Govt employeeWithin 8 working days from the receipt of LAR of AG officeNilDo
    8.Approval of Commuted leaveApplication of the Govt employeeWithin 6 working days from the receipt of LAR of AG officeNilDo
    9.Approval of Maternity/Child care leaveApplication of the Govt employeeWithin 15 working days from the date of receipt of application in proper format.NilDo
    10.Issue of FOC for payment of Contractor’s billSubmission of demand of fund from the respective Chief EngineerWithin 10 days from the receipt of FOC from the Finance Department and concerned Minister’s approval.NilSri Sanjib Kr Shyam, Deputy Secretary(Budget) Contact No 9435703387
    11.Furnishing RTI information1. Format as per RTI Act, 2005
    2. BPL certificate for free service
    Within 30 days as per rules in force.Rs. 10.00 and Rs. 2.00 per page of  documentsSri Ratul Bora, Deputy Secretary (Establishment)
    Contact No  9706078071
    12.Administrative approval of the projects/estimate/DPR1. Sanction of Govt of India (in case of centrally sponsored/ funded projects)
    2. Sanction of Funding authorities ( in case of Externally funded  projects) 
    3. Approval/ concurrence from P&D/ Finance Department
    4. Availability of Budget allocation in the respective Head of Account
    Within 15 workingday from the approval of P&D / Finance Departmentand concerned Minister.NilSri RubulGohain, Deputy Secretary (Works) Contact No 8811087801
    13.Technical sanctionAccord of Administrative ApprovalWithin 7 working days after receiving AANilFor work value  more than Rs. 200 L – Respective CE For work value  more than Rs. 100 L and uptoRs. 200 L – respective Addl  CE For work value more than Rs. 10 L and uptoRs. 100 L – respective SE For work value uptoRs. 10 L – respective EE
    14.Uploading of Acts/ Rules /OMs/ Circulars1. Enactment /amendment/ deletion of any Acts/ Rules /OMs/ Circulars
    2. Relevance in the department
    30  Days Sri DigantaGoswami, Asstt Executive Engineer, O/O CE, PWD (Roads)
    Contact No 9954024240
    15.Updating of websiteAny change/ transfer/posting of concerned officers7 Days Do
    16.Additional service under RTPSRelevance in the department7 Days or more depending on the  nature of service Sri Ratul Bora, Deputy Secretary (Establishment)
    Contact No  9706078071


    The major clients of PWRD are the following:

    • Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways, Govt of India
    • Department of Economic Affairs, Govt of India
    • Ministry of Rural Development, Govt of India
    • Ministry of DONER Govt of India
    • North Eastern Council
    • Planning & Development Department, Govt of Assam
    • Finance Department, Govt of Assam
    • WPT & BC Department, Govt of Assam
    • Implementation of Assam Accord Department, Govt of Assam
    • Revenue & Disaster Department, Govt of Assam
    • Guwahati Development Department, Govt of Assam
    • Chief Engineer, PWD (Roads), Assam
    • Chief Engineer, PWD (ARIASP & RIDF), Assam
    • Chief Engineer, PWD (Border Roads), Assam
    • Contractors
    • Govt Employees of the Department
    • Pensioners

    Available Information:

    1. NIT of works - Website.

    2. Technical Section - Website.

    3. Administrative Approval - Website.

        3.(A) Copy of estimate - EE (Project concerned with EE).

    4. Tender agreement - EE (Project concerned with EE).

    5. Ceilimg (FOC) - EE (Bill concerned with EE).

    6. UC (Utilization Certificate) - Website.

    7. Complaint Redressal: Online facility for submission of complaint is available. Any complaint may be submitted on www.apwd.in/apwrdportal and reply can be viewed on the same portal. Grievance on plain paper may be sent to the following officers:

    Work/maintenance relatedSri Biraj Talukdar, Deputy Secretary (W)
    Payment relatedSri Ajit Kr. Bhuyan, Deputy Secretary (Budget)
    Pension relatedSri Ajit kr. Bhuyan, Deputy Secretary (M)
    Appointment/promotion/transfer relatedSri Bijoy Ch. Kalita, Deputy Secretary (Estt)
    Contractors' registration relatedSri Ajit Borah, SE (Planning)

    8. Consultation with our users/stake holders:

    Department always well come for positive suggestions. Every districts there are 2/3 Executive Engineers, Every Circle there is SE. In every Zone there is Addl. CE. There are three directorates headed by Chief Engineer, the addresses of the officers are at organogram, website. Any bosy users/Stake holder may contact for providing suggestion personally or in writing.

    9. We seek your co-operation on the following:

    • Co-operation to the field Engineers and contractors personnel and workers at work site during survey and execution period.
    • Co-operation to the field Engineers during fixation of Road alignment and Bridge alignment.
    • Co-operation with the field Engineers and Contractor’s personnel while using heavy machineries in the project work.
    • Co-operation with the field Engineers and contractor’s personnel during work at night time.
    • Co-operation and co-ordination with the field Engineers and contractor’s personnel on safety matters at project/work site.
    • Co-operation with field Engineers during quality checking of work.
    • All proposals should contain necessary papers.


    This Citizens' Charter will be reviewed annually. Any suggestions in this regard may be sent to Sri M. C. Boro, Commissioner & Spl Secretary to the Government of Assam, PWRD at Block-B, Assam Sachivalaya or by E-mail to as-guw1@nic.in