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Government Of Assam Public Works (Roads)

Road Safety

Government of Assam in recent years has given major thrusts in development of road infrastructure in the state. This has resulted in the growth of road accidents and fatalities in the state and has become a matter of major concern. The road accident data for the past few years is indicative of the growth in road accidents and fatalities in Assam.

YearNo. of AccidentsNo. of FatalitiesNo. of Injuries

The data furnished is also indicative of the severity of the crashes: 35 persons killed/100 accidents

GOA therefore took initiative to develop the Assam Road Safety Action Plan (ARSAP) involving all Stakeholder Departments under the five Pillars of Road Safety to address the issue of fatal and serious road accidents. ARSAP was prepared as per UN Decade of Action and approved by the State Road Safety Council under the chairmanship of the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Assam during its meeting held on 8th January, 2015.

Pillar 1: Road Safety Management -Institution and Capacity Building

Pillar 2: Safer Roads and Mobility

Pillar 3: Safer Vehicles

Pillar 4: Safer Road Users through Education, Awareness and Enforcement

Pillar 5: Emergency Care

Under the Assam Road Safety Action Plan (ARSAP), Govt. of Assam has accorded high priority to the achievement of road safety improvement in Assam. Key actions are already being taken by GOA to begin strengthening of institutional framework, building capacity of the stakeholder departments, strengthening enforcement and improving engineering measures.

Institutional Arrangement

  • The Assam Road Safety Policy has been notified by Transport Department, Government of Assam on approval of the Assam Road Safety Council meeting held on 18.10.2016. The Road Safety Policy outlines the policy initiatives to be taken by state government at all levels to improve road safety activities in the state.
  • The State Road Safety Authority bill, 2017 proposes adequate powers & responsibilities in the State Road Safety Authority as well as provides for sufficient staff . Provision is proposed for a Chief Executive Officer and a Road Transport Commissioner in the State Road Safety Authority Bill, 2017. The Bill is under circulation for views and comments of stake holding Departments.
  • Establishment of a fund is proposed in the State Road Safety Authority Bill, 2017 and has been named as "Road Safety Fund, Assam."

Road Safety Initiatives under PWRD, Assam

PWRD, Assam under the Road Safety Management Component of World Bank aided Assam State Roads Project (ASRP) has initiated a number of activities for improvement of Road Safety on its State Highways and Major District Roads. This has been done.

  • As per the scope under the Assam State Roads Project.
  • As per Assam Road Safety Action Plan (ARSAP) and direction of the State Road Safety Council.
  • In compliance with the direction of Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety (CoRS) issued from time to time.

Identification and Mitigation of Black Spot

  • PWRD has identified 16 black spots on its SH and MDR network following MoRTH notification on definition of black spots, based on accident data received from police department. The list of black spots with year-wise fatalities and injuries is shown below:
  • Short term mitigation measures like retro reflective road signs, road markings, rumble strip, speed breakers, speed humps, delineators etc, have been installed in these black spots as per direction of the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety.
  • The process of analyzing the cause of accidents for these locations is under process by the Road Safety Auditors engaged for RSA for Phase-I (220 KM). Implementation of mitigation measures if required shall be taken after recommendation is received from Road Safety Auditors.

Road Accident Black Spots under PWRD, Assam


of the
in Km


No. of AccidentsNo. of FatalitiesNo. of InjuriesDistrict


1North Guwahati Mandakata Road (MDR)229756.00 mN 26°15.546' E 091°44.146' 8614 5510 325Kamrup
Guwahati  Roads Division
2Baihata Chariali Goreswar Road (MDR)213200.00 mKarara
N 26°22.327' E 091°44.043'
2237 1233115Kamrup
Rangia Rural Roads Division
7200.00 mBihdia
N 26°24.499' E 091°43.718'
13481315  33
3Bordumsa Digboi PWD Road361st kmMadhavpur village
N 27°23.723' E 095°37.024'
 235     235TinsukiaTinsukia State Roads Division
4SH-2351.5 kmNapukhuri Bus Stand
N 27°28.825' E 095°20.055'
1135  111  1TinsukiaTinsukia State Roads Division
5Convoy Road Db-M-15.35.3 kmNH-37 Convoy Road Juncion
N 27°28.396' E 094°53.694'
21532025310412521DibrugarhDibrugarh Rural Roads Division
6Mancotta Saraighat Bamunbari Road
33400 m to 600 mThana Chariali
N 27°28.860' E 094°54.462'
1614434    64414DibrugarhDibrugarh Rural Roads Division
1.7 km to 1.9 kmChowkidingee Charali
N 27°28.235'  E 094°54.750'
1251181 1234310
7.5 to 8.1 kmThakurthan Area
N 27°24.935' E 094°55.542'
34512  1134411
7A. T. Road 3rd kmBaruachariali
N 26°445.064' E 094°10.947'
621921034116JorhatJorhat State Roads Division
6th kmCharigaon Road Jn. Point
N 26°46.198' E 094°14.429'
6th kmBamungaon Junction Point
N 26°46.385' E 094°14.986'
8Silchar Kalain Road
 1 kmN 24°50.246' E 092°46.884' 235  33 9 9CacharSilchar NEC Division
19 kmN 24°55.668' E 092°38.912' 156  11 145
22 kmN 24°57.380' E 092°36.533' 167 213 156
28 kmN 24°58.062' E 092°34.399' 437 2 2 235
TotalBlack spots on SH & MDR = 1655746919812233267305147128  

Short Term Mitigation Measures at Identified Black Spots

Road Safety Audit

  • PWRD has taken up road safety audit on 220 km, 241 km and 291 km of its SH and MDR network in three phases respectively for improvement of road safety. Third party road safety audit for 220 km is under process and is expected to be completed by October, 2017.
  • The road safety audit is being done in compliance with the direction of the Committee on Road Safety (CoRS) constituted by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.
  • Implementation of road safety improvement measures shall be taken up on the basis of recommendation of the Road Safety Audit and DPR prepared.
  • The process of selection of Consultants for Road Safety Audit in Phase-II covering 241 KM of SH and MDR is under process.

Safe Corridor Demonstration Program (SCDP) –I

PWRD has developed 23 km of SH-2 (Amingaon to Kalitakuchi) as Safe Corridor Demonstration Program (SCDP) as per provision of Loan Agreement of ASRP. The implementation of road safety measures include:

  • Interlocking Concrete Block Pathway for Vulnerable Road Users (VRU)
  • Pedestrian Guard Rail
  • Road Marking, Reflective Pavement Marker and Tree Marker
  • Retro Reflective Road Signs
  • Speed Breaker and Speed Hump
  • Metal Beam Crash Barrier
  • Solar Street Light in busy areas
  • Junction Improvement
  • Pathway

SCDP on State Highway -2 in the 23 km stretch from Amingaon to Kalitakuchi

The quarter-wise road accident data collected from concerned police for this SCDP show a decline in the no. of road accidents and fatalities in the post implementation period.

Jan-Mar, 1631256
Apr-Jun, 161587
Jul-Sep, 1627234
Oct-Dec, 1624233
Jan-Mar, 1718152

Safe Corridor Demonstration Program (SCDP) –II

Model safe Corridor Demonstration Programme (SCDP) with Traffic System Management has been taken up for 23 km of Guwahati city from Jalukbari to Khanapra via MG Road-AT Road-GS Road. The consultant ISAN Corporation, South Korea has submitted the final improvement plan for traffic system management which includes congestion management, parking management, access management system, improvement of intersections, pedestrian safety, traffic accident inventory and mitigation.

Implementation of improvement measures shall be taken after the consultant submits the DPR.

Draft Investment Plan for iRAP survey has also been submitted by the Consultant for improving the present star rating of the corridor to next higher star rating.

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