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Government Of Assam Public Works (Roads)


The Government of Assam, through the Public Works Roads Department has taken up the
ambitious project “Construction of 6 Lane Extra-dosed PSC Bridge over River Brahmaputra
including Viaduct, Approaches, etc. on EPC Mode” at a total project cost of Rs. 2608.68 Crores
funded externally by the New Development Bank. The cost sharing is done on 80:20 ratio, of
which the state share is 20 percent.
The overall length of the project is 8440 m where the Main Extra dosed Bridge part length is
1240 m, length of the elevated corridor on the South Bank is 1200 m, length of the two “Y”
arms of Ramp (connecting the Main Bridge and South Bank Elevated Corridor) is 360 m each
and the length of the viaduct in the north bank connecting the main bridge and highway is 800
m, the length of the Highway part in north Bank is 4470 m ending at NH 17.
The project was started on 14th August, 2019. The EPC contract value of the project is Rs.
2187.03 Crores. The scheduled date of completion is 13th August, 2023. Out of the total of four
milestones, three milestones have been achieved on or before scheduled time, the third
Milestone has been achieved on July, 2022 ahead of schedule i.e. August 2022. Milestone-I,
Milestone-II and Milestone-III were to achieve a financial progress of 10%, 35% and 60%
respectively. As on date, the total physical progress of the project is 63.50% and the overall
financial progress is 63.31%.