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State Highways

The Nagpur Plan defined State Highway as:

“State Highways should be the main arteries of commerce by road within a State or similar geographical unit. In places, they may carry heavier traffic than many of the National Highways, but this will not alter their designation or function”.

The Road Development Plan of India, 1981-2001, (Lucknow Plan) laid down the following policy and goal for State Highways:

“State Highways should be extended to serve district headquarters, sub-divisional headquarters, major industrial centres, places of commercial interest, places of tourist attraction, major agricultural market centres and ports”.

The Lucknow Plan also envisaged that the NH and SH network should link all towns with a population of 5000 and above.

In the Indian Roads Congress document on Geometric Design Standards for Rural (Non-Urban) Highways, IRC: 73-1980, the following definition has been given:

“State Highways are arterial routes of a State linking district headquarters and important cities within the State and connecting them with National Highways or highways of the neighbouring States”.

A Strategic Options Study (SOS) was undertaken by the Department in 2009 based on which the State Highways and Major District Roads in the State was formulated. The list of State Highways is as below:

List of State Highways

Sl. No.DistrictSH(km)
15.Karbi Anglong337.18
22.NC Hills379.77
 Total =3134.36
TOTAL LENGTH (km):7547.39

List of State Highways (SH)

Sl. No.Name of RoadToLength  (km)Total
Proposed Road
1.Dhodar AliKamarbandha42.00210.10SH-1Connects   district   HQ   Golaghat   sub-divisional   HQ Titabor,sub-divisional HQ Nazira ,which is also the HQ of   ONGC,sub-divisional   HQ   Sonari   and   Fertlizer complex   at   Namrup.   This   road   also   provides   the starting  locations  of  several  interstate  roads  to  the neighbouring State
2.Bongaigaon North- Salmara Abhayapuri Langla Jania Barpeta Mukalmua Kalitakuchi Amingaon North- GuwahatiKhudrakhowa41.00161.00SH-2Connects    District   Head   quarters   Bongaigaon   and Barpeta  and  SH-9  at  Kalitakuchi  leading   to  Hajo  a principal  place  of  pilgrimage  as  well  as  a  tourist center. This is an alternative route  to NH-31 reducing the  distance  Bongaigaon  and  Guwahati  by  about  30 km
North Guwahati37.00
3.Narengi Chandrapur Morigaon Nagaon NaltaliKajolichowki18.81147.18SH-3This road connects the capital city of Guwahati to the District HQ of Morigaon and Nagaon and leads to NH- 37-A connecting Jakhalabandha at  NH- 37 and Tezpur the Dist HQ of Sonitpur at NH-52
Naltali on NH-
4.Jagiroad-BhakatgaonBhakatgaon7.007.00SH-3-AThis portion  forming a part of the Highway connecting Dist HQ Morigaon with NH-37 and is being widened to two lane under SARDP-NE.Connects NH 37 at Jagiroad to SH-3 at Bhakatgaon.
5.Lokapriya Bordoloi ( LPB )Kalongpar10.0019.20SH-3-BConnecting    at    NH-37    at    Samata    to    SH-3    at Rajamayong and falling in two district Kamrup 11 km and Morigaon 8.2 km, hence SH
6.Mangoldoi Bhutiachang ChamrangChamrang on Bhutan Border61.5061.50SH-4It  provides  international  connection  linking  Bhutan with India at Mangaldoi on NH-52
7.Bilasipara Fakiragram SherfanguriPhutkibari14.4337.86SH-5Connects  Bilasipara  Sub  Divisional  HQ  on  NH-31  to Fakiragram Railway junction  and Serfanguri on NH-31
C. Portion from Futkibari to Bilasipara (17.60km) taken up under NESRP.
Sherfanguri on NH-31 C23.43
8.Simlaguri (NH-31) - Basbari (Manas National Sancturay) Salbari Jalah Machalpur Kumrikara TamulpurBagsa Dist Border10.0093.00SH-6Connects  Dist  HQ  Musalpur  with  Sub-  Divisional  HQ Salbari   and   Tamulpur   of   Baksa   District   besides connecting  Simlaguri on NH - 31 and Manas National Park (a major tourist destination) at Basbari.and Jalah, an important township of North Asaam in BTAD area
District boundary43.00
9.Barpeta HowlyHowly11.5011.50SH-7Connecting  District  Head  Quarter  Barpeta  with  NH- 31at Howly. This link is being widened to double lane under SARDP-NE funded by MORTH
10.Bhawanipur BarpetaBarpeta18.0618.06SH-8Connecting  District  Head  Quarter  Barpeta  with  NH- 31at important city  Bhawanipur
11.Kalitakuchi Nalbari Sarthebari NagaonBijulighat6.0035.40SH-9This is one of the trunk roads of the state connecting the  capital  city  Guwahati  (Amingaon)  to   Dist   HQ Nalbari and Sarthebari an industrial centre and ending at Nagaon on SH-2 .
12.Dr. Jinaram Road (Pathsala Barsimla Sarthebari)Pathsala25.6025.60SH-9-AConnects   industrial   town   Sarthebari   to   NH-31   at Pathsala.
13.Barama Dhamdhama Tamulpur Barangabari Atharighat Paneri Bengbari Udalguri Kahibari RowtaDist Boundary6.00103.80SH-10This is an arterial road ( inter district road ) connecting five   districts   -   Bagsa,   Nalbari,   Kamrup,   Udalguri, Darrang    strating    fron    Barama    on    NH-31    and connecting Dist  HQ  Udalguri to NH-52 at Rowta. The portion fron Udalguri to Rowta (10 km) is being wided to double lane under SARDP-NE.
14.Barama MachalpurMachalpur25.0025.00SH-10-ABeing improved under SARDP-NE as double lane.
15.Mangaldoi Patharighat Khairabari BorongajuliKhoirabari27.0049.00SH-11This  is   an  alternative  route  to  SH  -4   connecting neighbouring country Bhutan with India  at Mangaldoi on  NH-52  besides  connecting Patharighat  a  historical place  which  figured  promimently  during  the  first  war of independence 1857.
16.Agia Medhipara LakhipurLakhipur32.0032.00SH-12This is part of an inter-state road connecting Agia on NH-37   in   Assam   with    Dist   headquarter   Tura   in Meghalaya  crossing  Medhipara  on  Megalaya  border. Improved with single lane under NEC 5th Plan
17.Goalpara SolmariSolmari on NH-377.247.24SH-12-AConnects NH-37 at Solmari to Dist HQ Goalpara.
18.Udalguri KharupetiaDist Boundary20.0032.00SH-13Connecting Udalguri District Head Quarter with NH-52 at Tangni, hence SH
19.Bahalpur Kokrajar KarigaonChoraikhola8.0046.00SH-14Connects    Districts   HQ   Kokrajhar  to  NH-31   -C  at Karigaon on North Side and Bahalpur on NH-31 on the south side. The portion form Kokrajhar to Karigaon is being  widened  to  Double  lane  under  SARDP-NE
funded by MORTH.
20.Kahibari at NH-37 BorduwaMorigaon Dist Boundary1.0029.75SH-15Connects Bardowa the birth place of Assam's greatest saint   Mahapurush   Srimanta   Sankar   Dev   and   the principal   place   of   pilgrimage   to   NH-37.   This   will provide  a  direct  link  for  the  pilgrims  comimg  from lower  Assam  to  Bardowa  bypassing  the  congested road of Nagaon town.
Nagaon Dist Boundary17.75
21.Amsoigate  Kheroni Doyangmukh DehangiBargaon18.00168.64SH-16Inter District road Connecting Districts : Nagaon Karbi, Anglong  and  N.C  Hills  and   linking  important  places like Kheroni of Karbi Anglong District and Dehangi of N C  Hills  District  to  NH  -37  at  Amsoi  Gate  in  Nagaon District.
22.Amlokhi Kathiatoli Kampur Chaparmukh RohaAmlakhi82.0082.00SH-17Connects  important  places  like  Amlokhi  ,  Kothiatoli, Kampur  ,  Chaparmukh  of  Nagaon  District  ,  starting from  Amlakhi on NH-37,  crossing NH-36  at Kothiatoli and terminating on NH-37  at Roha.
23.Nagaon - Kampur Baithalangsho KhanduliBaithalangsho49.77109.37SH-18Portion from Kampur to Baithalangso improved under NEC  9th  Plan  and Baithalangso to  Khanduli improved under NEC 6th Plan
24.Hamren Tumpreng Nilbagan Morajhar Howraghat KarkokTumpreng16.0063.66SH-19Connects   Sub  Divisional  Head  Quarter  Hamren  with Donkamokam  on  SH-16  ,  Sub-Divisional  HQ  Hojai  , Nilbagan on NH-54(Extn.) and Karkok on NH-36.
25.Half long tiniali Garampani Umrangso  Dehangi Haflong Jatinga (NH- 54 Extn)Jatinga (NH-54 Extn)185.77185.77SH-20Connects industrial center Umrangsho (site of NEEPCO Hydel Power Project and cement manufacturing plant with Dist. HQ Haflong and tourist center of world fame Jatinga  on  NH-54-E  .Portion from Jatinga to Haflong with a length of 8 km is being widened to double lane under SARDP-NE and the portion from Halflong Tiniali to  Garampani  is  being  widened to  intermediate lane under NEC 10th Plan.
26.New Sangbar Sangbar Turuk DitakcherraDitakcheera (NH-54 Extn)70.0070.00SH-20-AConnects  District  HQ  Silchar  to  Guwahati  through  a much  shorter  route  reducing  the  distance  between Silchar and Guwahati by 58 km compared to the route Sailchar   Guwahati road via Badarpur   Jowai Shillong. It  is  as  per  Borak  Valley  Multipurpose  Development Council  as  reported  inthe  Assam  Tribune  on  1/8/07. The road portion from Ditakcherra to Silchar (about 40 KM) is a part of NH-54E.
27.North Lakhimpur KamalabariLohitmukh31.0042.00SH-21Connects  Districts HQ North Lakhimpur on NH-52 with heritage  site  Majuli,  the  biggest  river  island  in  the world  and   the  principal  site  of   Vaishnavite  culture with  about  16  "Satras  (religious institution)"  which is also  an  important  destination  in  the  World  tourism circuit.
28.Gogamukh Ghilamara Butikur TelijanDistrict boundary13.0056.90SH-22Connects  important places like  Gogamukh at  NH-52, to Ghilamara and  Telijan leading to Dist HQ Dhemaji. This  the  most  important  alternate  route  of  NH-52 detouring the severely flood prone Somarjan area
29.Lahowal Bordubi TinsukiaDeohal Tiniali34.0047.20SH-23Connects  industrial  places  like  Tengakhat,  Duliajan (HQ   of   Oil   India)   with   NH-   37   besides   giving connectivity to the Dist. HQ  Tinsukia which is second biggest commercial hub of the State after Guwahati
30.Deohal Tiniali Duliajan Digboi (A.O.C.road)Bhadoi Pachali21.0028.00SH-24Connects OIL HQ at Duliajan and IOC HQ at Digboi on NH-38.
31.Jagun-Kharsang- MiaoKharsang8.008.00SH-25Interstate   road   improved   under   NEC   7th   plan connecting Jagun on NH-153  in Assam to District HQ Miao of Arunachal Pradesh, total length being 35km
32.Tingrai-Tinali Madhabpur Naharkatia Joypur Sukanjuri Gate (Joypur Ali)Sukanjuri Gate on Assam- Arunachal Pradesh border47.0047.00SH-26Provides   interstate   connectivity   between   industrial town  Naharkatia  in  Assam  and  Sub-  Divisional  HQ Khunsa in Arunachal Pradesh
33.Moran NaharkatiaNaharkatia57.0057.00SH-27Connects  industrial  cities  of  Naharkatia  and  Moran which are hubs of Crude oil extraction activities.
34.Gouripur DhubriDhubri8.548.54SH-28This  road  connnect  District  HQ  Dhubri  to  NH-31  at Gauripur ans is being widened to double lane under SARDP-NE funded by MORTH
35.Jorhat Marioni MokokchangNagajanka on Assam- Nagaland
22.6722.67SH-31Provides interstate connectivity, Linking Dist HQ Jorhat in   Assam   to   Dist   HQ   Mokakchang   in   Nagaland, improved under NEC 7th Plan
36.Jorhat Titabor GorongaBarhola37.6249.96SH-32Connects  District HQ Jorhat with Sub Divisional HQ Titabar
37.Jorhat Kamarbandha Nagabat (K.B. Road)Teliapatty22.0062.13SH-33Connects  Dist  headquarterJorhat  with  Kamarbandha on SH-1 and Nagaland border at Nagbat.
38.Dergaon Golaghat MerapaniMerapani on Assam- Nagaland Border51.8051.80SH-34Provides   interstate   connectivity   linking    Dist    HQ Golaghat in Assam with Dist  HQ  Wokha in Nagaland. Portion   from   Dergaon   to   Golaghat   (Pandit   Hem Chandra Goswami Path) is being improved under NEC 10th Plan and portion from Golaghat to Merapani was improved under NEC 6th Pla n
39.Kohara Chowkihola Rangajan GolaghatChanglang ghat88.8497.15SH-35Connects  Districts HQ Golaghat, NH-39 , Silonijan and Kohora  (Kaziranga)  at  NH-37.  Portion  from  Rangajan to Golaghat (8.0km) is being improved under SARDP- NE . funded by MORTH
40.Lumding Diphu DimapurDistrict boundary3.0073.10SH-36Provides interstate connectivity linking Raiway junction Lumding  and  Dist  HQ  Diphu  in  Assam  with  Dist  HQ Dimapur of Nagaland
41.Diphu ManjaManja on NH-3614.0014.00SH-36- AProvides  connectivity  between  Dist  HQ  Diphu  and Manja on NH-36 . This is being widened to double lane under  SARDP-NE under NHDP.
42.Udarbond Kumbhirgram Ainacherra Pangmul MahurAinnacherra30.0090.00SH-37Inter  District  road  Connecting  impotrtant  places  like Udarbond Kumbhirgram(Airport) Ainacherra in  Cachar Dist and Mahur in NC Hill District.
43.Kalain Ujangram SilcharSilchar28.5028.50SH-38Connects   Kalain   on   NH-53   to   Silchar   on   NH-54 reducing  the  distance  between  Kalain  and  Silchar  by about 15 km. This serves as a dependable by pass to NH-53  during  submergence  by  flood  and  distressed conditions  of  NH-53.  Road  widened  to  intermediate
lane under NEC 7th Plan.
44.Silchar Dwarbandh Bandukmara Samarikona Hailakandi Saraspur Bhairabnagar Belala PaomaraDwarbond32.0084.00SH-39BARAK     VALLEY     TOP     PRIORITY.     Provides
connectivity   among   three   Dist.    HQs    :   Silchar, Hailakandi, Karimganj ( Poamara)
45.Bhagabazar ( NH-54) Kulichera  Kalahowar SherkhanSherkhan on Assam-Mizoram border16.0016.00SH-40Inter    State    Connectivity    between    Assam    and Mizoram(Aizawal).   Improved   to   intermediate   lane under NEC 7th Plan
46.Singimari Bongsor HajoHajo16.9116.91SH-41It  connects  important  place  Sualkuchi,  the  famous indigenous  silk  ('PAAT'  and  'MUGA')  production  hub and  the  famous  pilgrimage  center   Hajo  where  the Hindu   -   Buddhist   temple   Hayagrib   Madhab   and important Islam shrine Poa-Mecca are located
47.Ghilamara Dhakuakhana Machkhowa ButikurMachkhowa32.5052.87SH-42Connects the important places of   Sub- Divisional HQ Dhakuakhana,  Machkhowa and Butikur leading to Dist HQ Dhemaji
48.Laluk ( NH-52 ) Bihpuria Narayanpur ( NH-52 )Narayanpur on NH-5225.0025.00SH-43Its an alternative route to NH-52 connecting important places- Narayanpur, Bihpuria and Laluk at NH-52
49.Bokajan Uriamghat- Tiniali WokhaDistrict boundary2.0024.00SH-44Interatate   road   connecting   the   industrial   town   of Bokajan on NH-39 in Assam to the District HQ Wokha in Nagaland.
Uriamghat- Tiniali22.00
50.Soibari Itakhola Borpam Pavoi Borgang (NH-52)Borgang on NH- 5255.0055.00SH-45Connects important  places  Barpam  and  Pavio  to  NH- 52.
51.Dudhnoi Matia Mornoi Goalpara Pancharatna Kharmuja Taltola Lakhipur Khalishabhita Airkata
Khalishabhita102.70127.70SH-46Inter  district  mojor  arterial  road  in  Goalpara  and  in Dhubri  District,  Khalishabhita  and  Fulbari  are  major market  places,  which  are  connected  to  District  HQ Goalpara  by  the  SH  .  This  also  connects  the  Matia Sainik School, an important educational institute
52.Basnaghat Bhuragaon Lahorighat Moirabari Dhing Bardowa NagaonMoirabari46.0082.30SH-47Connects  Major  places  in  two  Districts  Morigaon  and Nagaon   viz:   Basnaghat,     Bhuragaon,   Lahorighat, Moirabari, Dhing, Bardowa and Nagaon. This is one of the highest trafficked corridors in both the Districts.
53.Dibang ghat Chapakhowa TezuDibang ghat Chapakhowa Tezu35.0035.00SH-48Arterial  road  of  Sadia  Civil  Sub-Division  connecting Sadia in Assam to Rowing in Arunachal Pradesh
 Total:3134.36 km 
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