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Government Of Assam Public Works (Roads)

List of offices under PWRD

A. Administrative Department:

    Commissioner &Spl Secretary, PWRD

B. Directorates:

    Chief Engineer (Roads)

    Chief Engineer ( ARIASP & RIDF)

C. Zonal offices:

    Addl. C.E.Eastern Zone, H.Q. at Dibrugarh.

    Addl. C.E. Tezpur Zone, H.Q. at Tezpur.

    Addl. C.E. Diphu, H.Q. at Diphu.

    Addl. C.E Haflong, H.Q. at Haflong.

    Addl. C.E. BTC, Kokrajhar

    Addl. Chief Engineer, Barak Valley, H.Q. at Silchar

D. Circle Offices:

    Guwahati Road Circle , H.Q at Guwahati

    Guwahati ARIASP Circle . H.Q at Guwahati

    RIDF II Circle, HQ at Guwahati

    Nalbari Road Circle, H.Q. at Nalbari

    Western Assam Road Circle, H.Q. at Goalpara

    Cachar Road Circle , H.Q. at Silchar

    Hamren Road Circle , H.Q. at Hamren

    Diphu Road Circle, H. Q. at Diphu

    Haflong R&B Circle, H.Q. at Haflong

    Nagaon Road Circle, H.Q. at Nagaon

    Jorhat Road Circle, H.Q. at Jorhat

    Dibrugarh Road Circle, H.Q. at Dibrugarh

    N. Lakhimpur Road Circle, H.Q at Lakhimpur

    Tezpur Road Circle, H.Q. at Tezpur

    Mangaldoi Road Circle, H.Q. at Mangaldoi

    Karimganj BRC Circle, H.Q. at Karimganj

    Guwahati NEC Circle, H.Q. at Guwahati

    Haflong NEC Circle, H.Q. at Sichar

    Jorhat NEC Circle, H.Q. at Jorhat

    Lower Assam Mech. Circle, H.Q. at  Guwahati

    Upper Assam Mechanical Circle, H.Q. at  Jorhat

E. ARR&TI and Independentcells under Chief Engineer (Roads):

    Traffic Engineering Cell

    ARR & TI


Divisional/Sub Divisional offices:


Sl. No.DistrictName of DivisionSl. No.Name of Sub-Division
1.Kamrup MetroGuwahati City Division - I1.City Sub-Division - I
2.City Sub-Division - II
2.Guwahati City Division - II3.City Sub-Division - III
4.City Sub-Division - IV
3.Guwahati City Division - III5.City Sub-Division - V
6.City Sub-Division - VI
4.North Guwahati State Road Division7.Guwahati State Road Sub-Div. - I
8.Guwahati State Road Sub-Div. - II
5.Kamrup RuralGuwahati Road Division9.Boko Rural Road Sub-Division
10.Guwahati East Road Sub-Division
11.Guwahati West Road Sub-Division
12.HajoRural Road Sub-Division
13.JalukbariRural Road Sub-Division
14.Mirza Rural Road Sub-Division
6.Rangia Rural Road Division15.Rangia Rural Road Sub-Division
16.Goreswar Rural Road Sub-Division
7.NalbariNalbari Rural Road Division17.Nalbari Rural Road Sub-Division
18.Barama Rural Road Sub-Division
19.Chamata Rural Road Sub-Division
20.Dhamadhama Rural Road Sub-Division
21.Mukalmuwa Rural Road Sub-Division
8.Nalbari State  Road Division22.Nalbari State Road Division - I
23.Nalbari State Road Division - II
9.BarpetaBarpeta Rural Road Division24.Barpeta Rural Road Sub-Division
25.Sorbhog Rural Road Sub-Division
26.Pathsala Rural Road Sub-Division
10.Barpeta State Road Divn.27.Barpeta state Road Sub-Division - I
11.BaksaMusalpur (R&B. Division28.Masalpur (R&B. Sub-Division
29.Salbari (R&B. Sub-Division
30.Tamulpur Rural Road Sub-Division
12.ChirangChirang (R&B. Division31.Bijni (R&B. Sub-Division
32.Bengtol Rural Roads Sub-Division
13.BongaigaonBongaigaon Rural Road Division33.Abhyapuri Rural Road Sub-Division
34.Bongaigaon Rural Road Sub-Division
35.Bongaigaon Rural Road Sub-Division –II
14.Bongaigaon State Road Division36.Bongaigaon State Road Sub-Division- I
37.Bongaigaon State Road Sub-Division– II
15.KokrajharKokrajhar Rural Road Division38.Gosaigaon Rural Road Sub-Division
39.Kachugaon Rural Road Sub-Division
40.Kokrajhar Rural Road  Sub- Divn.
16.DhubriDhubri Rural Road Division41.Bilasipara Rural Road Sub-Division
42.Dhubri Rural Road Sub-Division
17.GoalparaGoalpara Rural Road Division43.Goalpara Rural Road Sub-Division
44.Dudhnoi Rural Road Sub-Division
18.CacharSilchar Rural Road Division45.Silchar Rural Road Sub-Division - I
46.Silchar Rural Road Sub-Division - II
47.Katigarah Rural Sub-Division
19.HailakandiHailakandi Rural Road Division48.Hailakandi Rural Road Sub-Division - I
49.Hailakandi Rural Road Sub-Division - II
20.KarimganjKarimganj Rural Road Division50.Karimganj Rural Road Sub-Division
51.Nilambazar Rural Road Sub-Division
52.Patharkandi Rural Road Sub-Division 
21.Karimganj /
Karimganj State Road Division53.Karimganj S. R. Sub-Division
54.Hailakandi S. R. Sub-Division
22.Dima HasaoHaflong Road Division55.Doyangmukh Br. Const. Sub-Div.
56.Gunjung Road Sub-Division
57.Haflong ‘C’ Road Sub-Division
23.Mahur Road Division58.Haflong ‘B’ Sub-Division
59.Harangajao Road Sub-Division
24.Maibong (R&B. Division60.Lumding Const. Sub-Division
61.Maibong (R&B. Sub-Division
62.N.H. Survey Sub-Division
25.KarbiAnglongDiphu Road Division63.Diphu Road Sub-Division - I
64.Diphu Road Sub-Division - II
26.Barpathar Road Division65.Barpathar Road Sub-Division
66.Chowkihola Rural Road Sub-Division
67.Sarihjan Road Sub-Division
27.Bakulia Road Division68.Bakulia Road Sub-Division
69.Chamelangsu Road Sub-Division
28.Dokmoka Road Division70.Dokmoka Road Sub-Division
71.Dokmoka Survey Sub-Division 
29.Baithalangsu Road Division72.Baithalangsu Road Sub-Division
73.Kheroni Road Sub-Division
30.Hamren Road Division74.Hamren Road Sub-Division
75.Rongbongwe Road Sub- Division
31.KarbiAnglongUmpanai Road Division76.Umpanai Road Sub-Division
77.Ulukunchi Road Sub-Division.
78.Umwang Road Sub-Division.
32.Kohora Roads Division79.Kohora Road Sub-Division.
33.DhemajiDhemaji Rural Road Division80.Dhemaji Rural Road  Sub-Division
81.Jonai Rural Road Sub-Division
82.Silapathar Rural Road Sub-Division
34.DhemajiState  RoadDivn.83.Dhemaji State Road Sub-Division
35.LakhimpurLakhimpur Rural Road Division84.North Lakhimpur Rural Road Sub-Division
85.Dijukimin Rural Road Sub-Division 
86.Laluk Rural Road Sub-Division
36.Lakhimpur State Road Division87.Lakhimpur S. R. Sub- Division - I
88.Lakhimpur S. R. Sub- Division - II
37.SonitpurSonitpur Rural Road
89.Chariali Rural Road Sub-Division 
90.Tezpur Rural Roads Sub-Division
38.Sonitpur State Road Division91.Dhekiajuli State Road Sub-Division
92.Gohpur State Road Sub-Division
39.NagaonNagaon  Rural Road Division93.Nagaon  Rural Road Sub-Division
94.Doboka Rural Road Sub-Division
95.Bordua Rural Road Sub-Division
40.Nagaon State Road Division96.Nagaon State Road Sub-Division
97.Udali State Road Sub-Division
98.Jagiroad State Road Sub-Division
41.Kaliabor Rural Road Division99.Kaliabor Rural Road Sub-Division
100.Samuguri Rural Road Sub-Division
42.MorigaonMorigaon Rural Road Division101.Morigaon Rural Road Sub-Division
102.Mayang Rural Road Sub-Division
43.Morigaon State Road Division103.Morigaon State Road Sub-Division- I
104.Morigaon State Road Sub-Division- II
44.GolaghatSarupathar Rural Road Divn.105.Sarupathar Rural Road Sub-Divn
45.Golaghat Rural Road Division106.Golaghat Rural Road Sub-Division
107.Dergaon Rural Road Sub-Division
46.Golaghat State Road Division108.Bokakhat State Road Sub-Division
109.Golaghat State Road Sub-Division
47.JorhatJorhat Rural Road Division110.Jorhat (West. Rural Road Sub-Division
111.Majuli Rural Road  Sub-Division
112.Nakachari Rural Road Sub-Division
113.Titabor Rural Road Sub-Division
48.  Jorhat State Road Division114.Jorhat State Road Sub-Division
115.Titabor State Road Sub-Division
49.SivasagarSibsagar Rural Road Division116.Sibsagar Rural Road Sub-Division
117.Amguri Rural Road Sub-Division
118.Dimou Rural Road Sub-Division
119.Nazira Rural Road Sub-Division
50.Sibsagar State Road Division, Nazira120.Sibsagar State Road Sub-Division- I
121.Sibsagar State Road Sub-Division- II
51.Charaideo Rural Road Division,  H.Q. at Sonari122.Moranhat Rural Road Sub-Division
123.Sonari Rural Road Sub-Division
52.DibrugarhDibrugarh Rural Road Division124.Dibrugarh Rural Road Sub-Division
125.Dibrugarh State Road Sub-Division
126.Moran Rural Road Sub-Division
127.Naharkatia Rural Road Sub-Divn.
128.Tengakhat Rural Road Sub- Divn.
53.TinsukiaTinsukia Rural Road Division129.Tinsukia Rural Road Sub-Division
130.Doomdoma Rural Road Sub-Division
131.Chapakhowa Rural Road Sub-Division
132.Margherita Rural Road Sub- Divn.
54.Tinsukia State Road Division133.Margherita State Road Sub- Divn.
134.Tinsukia State Road Sub-Division
135.Naharkatia NEC Sub-Division
55.UdalguriUdalguri Rural Road Division136.Mazbat Rural Road Sub-Division
137.Udagalguri Rural Road Sub- Divn.
138.Tangla Rural Road Sub-Division
56.DarrangMangaldoi Rural Road Division139.Mangaldoi Rural Road Sub- Divn.
140.Dolgaon Rural Road Sub-Division
141.Sipajhar Rural Road Sub-Division
57.Mangaldoi State Road Division142.Mangaldoi State Road Sub-Division- I
Border Roads:
58.BRC Division, Badarpur 143.Patharkandi BRC Sub-Division
144.Mankachar BRC Sub-Division
145.Gumrah BRC Sub-Division
59.Guwahati NEC DivisionGuwahati146.Guwahati NEC Sub-Division-I
147.Barpeta NEC Sub-Division
148.Goalpara NEC Sub- Division
60.Hailakandi NEC Divn.Hailakandi149.Hailakandi NEC Sub-Division
61.Jorhat NEC DivisionJorhat150.Jorhat NEC Sub-Division
151.Golaghat NEC Sub-Division
152.Sonari NEC Sub-Division
153.Lakhimpur NEC Sub-Division
62.Kampur NEC DivisionKampur154.Baithalangsu NEC Sub-Div.
155.Guwahati NEC Sub-Div - II
63.Silchar NEC DivisionSilchar156.Silchar NEC Sub- Division - I
157.Silchar NEC Sub- Division - II
64.Umrangsu NEC DivisionUmrangsu158.Umrangsu NEC Sub- Div. - I
159.Umrangsu NEC Sub- Div. - II
160.Mahur NEC Sub-Division
World Bank Projects:
65.Guwahati AACP DivisionGuwahati161.Nalbari AACP Sub-Division
162.Barpeta AACP Sub-Division
66.Sonitpur AACP DivisionTezpur163.Tezpur AACP Sub-Division
164.Morigaon AACP Sub- Div.
67.Jorhat AACP DivisionJorhat165.Jorhat AACP Sub-Div. - I
166.Jorhat AACP Sub-Div. - II
68.Dhubri AACP DivisionDhubri167.Dhubri AACP Sub-Division
168.Goalpara AACP Sub-Division
69.Karimganj AACP DivisionKarimganj169.Karimganj AACP Sub- Div.
170.Hailakandi AACP Sub-Div.
70.Abhayapuri Mech. Division Abhayapuri171.Abhayapuri Mech. Sub-Div.
172.Dhubri Mech. Sub-Div.
173.Patgaon Mech. Sub-Div.
174.Goalpara Mech. Sub-Div.
71.Diphu Mechanical DivisionDiphu175.Diphu Mech. Sub-Div.
176.Donkamoka Mech. Sub-Div.
177.Haflong Mech. Sub-Div.
72.Guwahati Mechanical DivisionGuwahati178.Guwahati Mech. Sub-Div. - I
179.Guwahati Mech. Sub-Div. - II
180.Mangaldoi Mech. Sub- Div.
73.Jorhat Mech. DivisionJorhat181.Golaghat Mech. Sub-Div.
182.Jorhat Mech. Sub-Div.
183.Sibsagar Mech. Sub-Div.
74.Nagaon Mech. Divn.Nagaon184.Jakhalabanda Mech. Sub-Div.
185.Nagaon Mech. Sub-Div.
75.Nalbari Mech. DivisionNalbari186.Barpeta Mech. Sub-Div.
187.Nalbari Mech. Sub-Div.
76.Silchar Mech. DivisionSilchar188.Karimganj Mech. Sub-Div
189.Silchar Mech. Sub-Division
77.Tezpur Mech. DivisionTezpur190.Dhemaji Mech. Sub-Div.
191.N. Lakhimpur Mech. Sub-Div.
192.Tezpur Mech. Sub-Div.
78.Tinsukia Mech. Div.Tinsukia193.Dibrugarh Mech. Sub-Div.
194.Tinsukia Mech. Sub-Div.